Saturday, April 29, 2006

I'm waking up, the house is very still. It's a beautiful, quiet, sunny morning. My window is open and I hear a faint voice getting closer. It's a van with a loudspeaker on top. A voice talks matronly to the silent neighborhood, like the airport lady asking you to keep an eye on your luggage. The voice then chants a few intelligable lines in singsong fashion before it repeats. I don't know Japanese very well, but it sounds like an appeal. The effect is eerie - I feel like I'm in an Orwellian world where people cowering in houses listen fearfully to condescending exhortations from the state.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


My church celebrated Easter Sunday with extra-praiseful music, lunch together, and games and a choir concert afterwards. There were close to 200 people on Sunday - many people brought friends and relatives. I should've taken more pictures, but I never remember. Here is one of my pastor, Dan, talking to students after lunch.

Our church building is beautiful, and spacious by Japanese standards. Pictures possibly forthcoming.

food update

The neighbor lady just brought me over a pot of takeinoko miso, made with wild bamboo shoots. During this time of year Japanese people hunt for takenoko in the woods in Chiba and cook them in soups and rices. No, I didn't save you any.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

kamakura two

The woodwork here is truly amazing. The carvings under the eaves look like a complicated jenga tower to me.

Prayer cards, 700yen.

This prayer card is asking for good fortune in upcoming college test results (Ayumu).

My postcard to you, my readers. A massive 700-year old metal buddha, or daibutsu. He looks a little irritated from this angle. Maybe a 350-year old itch he hasn't been able to scratch?