Tuesday, July 31, 2007

looking at the bay

I SPENT all Friday night researching observation points around Tokyo Bay. First was Rainbow Bridge, which I'm sure was the inspiration for that legendary Mario Kart racetrack. It gets a lot of traffic - pedestrians, trains, and automobiles. My boss said it was known as a prime spot for romantic strolls, which is funny, because the walkway is about 5 inches from freeway traffic. So much for that. However, the view of the bay below was gorgeous. During the summer, traditional boats with red lanterns carry drinking parties around the bay. In the background is Odaiba, a shopping and entertainment metropolis.

My favorite observation deck was at the top of the Telecom building, because of this view of the shipyards I was able to snap (below). Aesthetically, I think I'm in the middle of my second infancy right now. I find I hold an innate fascination with large vehicles. I love to watch 747s gliding out to the runway in state, itching to flex their jet-engine muscles and leave terra firma behind them in a swirl of burning air. I like to feel trains rumbling under my feet, like to watch iron cranes unloading huge cargo ships, picking up 20-ton containers like so many lego blocks.
Plus, all the best action scenes happen in shipyards.

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